Competency Management Software

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évaluation et compétences

Assessment and Competencies





Chose a win-win situation between human resources and software suite


  • Direct HR performance
    • Real-time visualization of the existing human resources collective
    • HR evolution management in virtue of input, output and needs
  • Harmonize strategy and HR system
    • Implication of managers in the professional dynamic
    • Anticipation and mobility backing of staff
  • Activate job prospective
    • Summarizing reports between diagnostics and prognostics
    • Gap-management and competency acquisition



- Rich functional coverage

Thanks to Os Skill’s modules, you can manage the creation of framework, the realization of assessment and interviews, the improvement of the recruitment process or competency development by managing your employees’ trainings.

- Modular software solution

The Os Skill software is composed of independently working modules, hence enabling our customers to progressively equip themselves according to their needs and to the progress of their project.

- Simplicity and usability

Os Skill was conceived to be used by different user profiles and follows the ergonomic rules of a software solution. Its structure and user-friendliness make it a tool easy to understand and quick to use.

- Customization and configuration

The interviews, framework and job definitions are completely customizable elements, enabling each organization to personalize the Os Skill software and to respond to its expectations.

- Validated functionalities and needs

Ontologos corp. continually works with its customers and partners, job experts and users in order to create and improve the software’s functionalities and to meet your needs.


- Microsoft Partner

All of Ontologos corp.’s software solutions have been developed on .Net.
Based on Microsoft technologies, our tools integrate in Windows environments.

- Prerequisites

In case of an on-site installation at the customer’s, the installation and use of Os Skill demands the following prerequisites:
- Windows operating system
- IIS 5.1 service (minimum)
- Microsoft.NET Framework 4.0
- ODBC 3.5.12 connectors
- MySQL Server 5.5
- Internet Explorer 7 or more
- Excel and Word

As soon as Os Skill is installed, the solution is accessible by internet or intranet to all collaborators.
You will also need to install PDF and Java (1.5 version minimum) on each PC likely to use Os Skill.




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