Adixen is a leading industry in the field of vacuum technology and leak detection.
Located in Annecy, Haute-Savoie
Ontologos corp’s client since 2007




Assessment and Competency

" Os Skill© is an easy tool to use and it was adopted very quickly by the staff members. This is one of the strongest points of the tool whose features allow the association of the employees with the promotion of their skills in order to make them proactive… "

Study case: Adixen Alcatel Vaccuum Techology France

The Adixen Alcatel Vacuum Technology France industry uses Ontologos Corp’s solution, Os Skill©, to enhance its employees’ skills among its clients.


Located in Annecy (France), Adixen is the worldwide leader in vacuum technology and leak detection

With 40 years of innovative product development, Adixen and its 550 employees is the recognized partner in the field of vacuum solution regarding the markets of semiconductors, instrumentation, industry as well as research and development.

Adixen’s product range is defined by vacuum pumps, leak detectors, vacuum gauges, plasma sensors, vacuum gate valves and connection accessories. Developed and manufactured in Annecy (France), these innovative solutions are famous for their unique know-how.

Adixen is present on the international scene, in particular in Asia and North America.


As part of an audit (end of 2008), Adixen had to provide one of its most important client with precise answers on its teams’ skill levels.

“Our client wanted to be sure that Adixen’s employees had the required skills for the conception and the manufacturing of their vacuum pumps. Our client’s quality procedure was very strict and it required precise answers within a very short period of time.” mentions Marie-Elizabeth BOURRET, Head of Training and Skill Development within Adixen.

Half of the Adixen’s staff, from R&D to the manufacturing department, was concerned. “Our client was expecting this audit would provide the insurance of using products matching his quality requirements. We reassured him by providing him with a comprehensive map of the different skills available in each of our departments.”

“In view of the strategic relevance of such a client and the urgency of the situation, Adixen and our quality department needed to rely on a software tool which would allow to rapidly and precisely validate the matching of our collaborators’ skills with our client’s needs.” specifies Mrs BOURRET.


Adixen called on Ontologos corp. to implement its skill management software, Os Skill©.

Ontologos corp. offered a custom made approach which enabled to create from the existing base repositories matching with Adixen’s jobs.

The far-reaching implementation of Os Skill© resulted in an easy familiarization by Adixen’s employees.

The Os Skill© dashboards offered a precise skills mapping which provided evidence required by the audit of Adixen’s client.


Adixen successfully passed its client’s quality audit. Indeed, this client appreciated the accuracy of the audit report and the Os Skill mappings which proved to be intuitive.

Adixen won a contract of € 6 Million with this client.