Our consultants propose several user trainings, which can be adapted to the organization’s needs.
Three types of training are available:

Administrator training

The administrators are in charge of updating the framework and user data. The training content’s aim is to help the administrator become autonomous in the use of the software, and to learn all the functionalities available in the software’s administration such as

  • Framework data management,
  • Access rights administration,
  • Integration and updating of user data,
  • Setting of interviews….

Manager training

The managers are responsible of a team of employees. The training content’s aim is to present the functionalities dedicated to them, in order to help them become autonomous, for example

  • Realization of interviews,
  • Analyses of states and available comparatives,
  • Management of the employees’ training needs,
  • Participation in recruitment interviews…

Employee training

The employees can be trained on the parts dedicated to them, this training will on the one hand help them to understand the why and wherefore of the job and competency management project and on the other hand present them the functionalities available to them, such as

  • Consulting of competency passports,
  • Self-assessment,
  • Issuing of mobility or training wishes,
  • Visualization of job and competency framework…


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